Murphy's Celtic Legacy is slowly becoming a global player around world.

Murphy's Legacy began life in 2013 in the mind of show creator and choreographer Chris Hannon.

Having performed around the world with Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance and Feet of Flame for over 14 years, Chris left Michael and his productions for a 'normal life' in 2011. Teaching alongside his Grandmother Pat, who Chris named the show after and Mother Kathleen, 'Murphy's' was burning in his mind. With a history of entertainment dating back to his great Grandmother, it wasn't long before the burning desire to not only perform again on stage but produce and choreograph his own show took over. With the help of his Mother and Grandmother he produced a show with their dance students in four sell out theatre shows across the North East of England.

Despite the loss of his Grandmother Pat, Chris's best friend during the early stages of the journey, 'Murphy's Legacy' was born. The show was in honour of Pat who introduced Chris's to her passion, Irish Music and Dance.

In may 2014, Chris began the task of producing a bigger live version of the production and the first task on his mind was an original music score. A chance meeting with John Elliott, renowned music composer, lead to the beginning of the epic Murphy's soundtrack. With guidance from Irish musician Gerry Conlon and Chris's direction, the score came to life and did not disappoint in anyway. The stage and date were set and Murphy's would go live on the 31st January 2015, which meant a race against time. With hours of upset and bumps as you would expect with such a task, MCL roared into life and the Legacy continued

Since that image and dream in Chris's mind back in 2012, MCL has grown and grown every year, on every tour. Our first International tour began in 2015 where Murphy's Celtic Legacy was born. Touring the UEA, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain, Murphy's then sailed the seven seas aboard MSC Splendida, Divina, Opera, Preziosa, Magnifica and Meraviglia from 2016 to date. This followed tours of UK, Cyprus and France, where we will return in 2019 as part of our World Tour.

2019 will see MCL commence its first tour of North America, performing in 40 cities in the USA and Canada as well our Premier in Ireland.

The Legacy continues...