Declan Crowley, 23, was born in New York and began Irish dancing at the age of 6 after being inspired by Lord of the Dance – a show which Sixteen years later, he was a lead role in.

Declan has enjoyed international success with the Broesler School of Irish Dance in New Jersey, being eight-time Mid-Atlantic, two-time National, and All-Ireland champion as well as the winner of the coveted “Minor Belt National Championship”.

He is actively involved with the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts – winning a silver medal in World Dance in 2009. Placed within the world’s top three on many occasions, Crowley has performed with dancers from the Boston Ballet, the Julliard School, and Riverdance, before joining Lord of the Dance in December 2009 for a grand-scale production of Feet of Flames, which toured worldwide. Following his work with Flatley, Declan has performed leading roles in Michael Londra’s “Beyond Celtic” and featured in “Irish Celtic” in France and “Celtic Fyre” in Busch Gardens, Virginia.

Declan Crowley - Murphy's Legacy